I love clematis flowers in all their varieties but haven’t been terribly successful at growing them, probably because I can be a bit of a fairweather gardener at times, and I forget the important things like mulching and feeding. I recently acquired some gorgeous iridescent inks which I had to try out, so here is my clematis flower picture. All the petals are created using water soluble wax pastels on thin japanese paper which holds its strength when wet. I just love the way the colours can then blend either with a bit of rubbing or in their own way with the flow of the water along the fibres of the paper. I’ll create another post about this painting technique as I keep being asked about it – and yes, it is paper not silk!

I added a few brush strokes of iridescent ink to the centres of these petals after I cut them out, then glued them to a large sheet of card.

More recently these became the inspiration for a wet felted seamless clematis bag


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