I’ve been rediscovering the joy of unbridled creativity that I had as a child and have been exploring many different media for my love of colour and the natural world. This blog is to share what I discover and the joy that creating in paint and fabirc brings to me.

Having had a ‘patchwork’ frenzy last year, this year I am mixing things up a bit, learning to combine fabrics with stitching and beading. And my latest love affair is with wet felting.

So here are some pictures of my first efforts, in no particular order!

In future I will be showing photos of the work in progress, but today I just wanted to dive in and get this blog started. What fun I have been having, and with plenty more to come.

This has become my sewing bag because I can use the flap to store my needles nicely!
Inspired by rosiepink

A very fine piece of cobweb felt which was quite tricky to sew into but I loved the texture and colours
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More on the floral theme – hours and hours of embroidery courtesy of a house-sitting opportunity with 2 rescued Bassett hounds who needed me to be with them all day.

A very small vase using a shot glass

A larger vase on the theme of the ocean. You can’t see in this picture but I incorporated some fabulous glittery tutu netting so it sparkles, and I’ve beaded along the yarn lines. I’m doing a set of 3 on water, fire and earth (because they had 3 glass vases this shape and size left in my local Tesco!) The fire one is still in progress as I want to add more to it than just felt, some organza ‘flames’ somehow…….
My first bag using resists to show some rather gorgeous organza insets. I tumbe dried this one which is why it looks a bit fluffy as the white and grey inner has come through. I like the heathery look though.
A small purse perhaps for a mobile phone. I was experimenting with combining the use of silk and silk chiffon with resists so the yellow inner layer would show as a beautiful contrast to the teal blue. The toggle is a piece of rolled felt ribbon.

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