Fascinated with the different textures I can create by incorporating various fibres and ribbons into felt, I’ve been on a bit of a felting binge! I now have an extensive collection of small, medium and larger felt vase covers. It can sound weird callling them felt vases because a felt vase is about as useful as a chocolate teapot! These are made to fit over drinking glasses and plain glass vases picked up from my local supermarket.

I especially love the contrasting effects of the black mohair wool and the white flower ribbons and lace, some of which don’t take up any of the dye. Everything is laid on on undyed white merino wool, then when fully felted, dropped into a dye bath.

I’m still experimenting with the amounts of dye and shades, and just love the ‘refresher’ colours of the small shot glass vases below.


Undyed wool also has its attractions especially when lit from within or behind. The light shining through reveals the textures of the ribbons and fibres which are more difficult to see when light is shone onto the surface.

backlit white flower ribbon felt vase cover blythwhimsies



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