My preparation for my first craft fair in March is well under way with a rising stack of felt purses or mobile phone or kindle/tablet covers. I hope people will like them as attractive and unusual gifts whether for the gadget fiend or practical purses and bags.

I’ve been having some fun with lots of different colour ways, and have gone back to using some of my stash of pre-dyed wool. I really enjoy playing with the colours and effects I can create with simple merino, pieces of silk, metallic mesh, lace and fibres such as flax hemp and banana top, and, of course, dyes. My husband makes the gorgeous wooden buttons.

Can you think of other uses for them? I’d love to hear your ideas as not everyone wants a pretty cover for their phone or tablet …… or do they?


4 thoughts on “Purses or Gadget Covers

  1. These are so truly beautiful and creative! They could also be used to hold all the little credit card sized cards we get from different stores, membership cards, etc. Would you ever send them across to US (us?).


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