This is my second foray into scarf making and I’ve been working on the ruffled scarf design, trying to get nice smooth and even ruffles with a defined edge. I have used some really gorgeous pieces of silk chiffon some of which were a special Christmas present.

The pale aqua scarf is one that I made first and then kettle dyed, and it has a gorgeous shimmer and sparkle on the ruffled edges which comes from the acrylic/wool/angelina fibre mix sold by World of Wool.

pale aqua nuno felt ruffle scarf sparkle blythwhimsies 2016-02-11 11.53.16

I don’t tend to do much with black or dark grey, but once I felt inspired to use it as a background for vibrant purple and red flowers, I was eager to make one. I left the petals free by putting a plastic resist under them, so they are only attached at the centre. I think they really stand out well and look even more stunning with the black background. This scarf is also quite thin and light so it drapes well even without any silk.

dark grey red flower scarf blythwhimsies 2016-02-11 11.50.13

The blue, red and yellow one was a bit of a challenge to layout. The original silk scarf had a diagonal striped pattern so I wanted to lay the wool out so that it criss-crossed the stripes. Originally I was thinking coral reef theme and made 3 pieces of pre-felt in the main colours with some silk fibres intending to cut out fish shapes. However, my artistic cutting skills weren’t up to the task and the fish looked too simplistic and naive, so I converted them into leaf shapes. I do like the finished result and learned a lot about felting a design onto a scarf rather than covering it all over with wool. I already have some exciting ideas for my next one which will include silk ruffles.

blue red yellow nuno silk felt scarf blythwhimsies 2016-02-11 12.04.00




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