My second piece for the scraps challenge set by the Felt and Fibre forum has turned out to be a rock pool. I have put much more emphasis on surface embellishment  in this piece using the felt as a background onto which I laid organza, silk, various fibres and used hand embroidery and machine stitching.

I used some more of my ‘lagoon’ water felt from the failed nuno project mentioned in my last post. I wanted to create some rocky textures but without using resists, so I cut up some fairly thick over-fulled pieces of felt into rough circles and stacked them. These were then covered with a layer of dyed scrim with a few wisps of wool over the top to ensure the scrim would be secured.

The two pieces of green sari silk I incoroprated became rather lost in the felting process, yet the sari silk ribbon stayed nicely proud, probably because it was extensively creased.

Then I really went to town with the surface embellishment!


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