I’ve been enjoying making some bigger picture pieces recently as wall hangings. I brought back a load of wool and other yummy fibres from WonderWool in Wales last month and was, of course, itching to use them straight away.

Here’s a piece where I’ve tried to mimic the rolling waves of the ocean. I bought a fabulous blend of fine merino and silk that had been hand dyed in gorgeous tones of blue, right from a deep purple-ish blue through to a zinging aquamarine. The result is really lustrous and shiny and soft.

Underneath the flat felt upper, I placed long differently sized rolls of felt to create the undulations. They start quite small at the top and then become gradually larger as the wave comes in to crash over into froth and bubbles.

I backed it with some stiffened calico and hand-dyed cotton.

Another smaller piece is also based on the sea theme, but this time the moonlight reflecting on the waves at night.

I do enjoy the freedom to create non-regular shapes with my pieces, and as they are not framed, they don’t have to have that ‘boxed-in’ look to them

Continuing with the theme of the seaside, here are the ubiquitous Southwold beach huts. These sit on the sand at the far end of the promenade and are known as The Royals, for their names. The view from behind them, across the dunes and towards the sea, appears in many photos of this area. I haven’t yet seen another felted version, so here’s my take:

These are all now listed in my Etsy store and also available from me at the Southwold Friday Market.



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