I have some time now, and the willingness, to catch up on my blog. Nothing is in proper chronological order here!

Traditionally, I like to make my own Christmas cards each year, using my currently favoured mode of creativity. Sometimes it’s painting, or paper cutting, or embroidery. This year it was little felt scenes with a wintry sunset over the sea or with a bare tree silhouette.

I laid out small rectangles of natural undyed merino, then added wisps of mulberry silks.

Once felted I added beach huts cut from sari silks and gold brocade, and machine embroidered trees and seagulls.

Finally I mounted them using those little squares for sticking photos into an album (if you’re old enough to remember!) so they could easily be removed, choosing turquoise and pink card, my two favourite colours. No red and green for Christmas traditions here!

They were fun to create and lovely colours to play with during dark wintry evenings. Then followed a series of amazingly clear crisp wintry days with stunning sunrises and sunsets. I was out with my camera most mornings walking along the beach, just waiting for that first glimpse of the sun. (See more sunrises and sunsets on my Flickr account here)




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