Marian Mills aka Blyth WhimsiesHi there and welcome to my site. As a child I was always drawing and making things, from kits and from books. Somehow this creative streak was pushed to one side until later in my life when I rediscovered the joy of playing with colour. That is what all my art and crafting is about now the absolute joy I feel when setting out with a blank canvas or table, a range of colours and some germ of an idea. I’m not a ‘planner’ by nature so most things are made up as I go along, with a little or a lot of help from some YouTube videos for the techniques.

Painting with oils, watercolours and a special medium using water soluble wax pastels came back into my life in 2008 on a holiday in Cornwall. I visited a gallery and loved what I saw and promptly bought the materials to ‘have a go’. Then followed textiles, inspired by a brilliant teacher who showed me how to ‘layer up’ the textures. It was a fairly natural progression from there to wet felting, which has been my passion since Summer 2015.

With wet felting I have been able to combine my love of playing with colour and texture with the desire for art to be practical. blythwhimsies cafetiere cosyAfter all, how many paintings can you hang on your walls? Felting enabled me to create things for the home and for personal use, such as vases, bags, hats and my iconic whimsical cafetiere cosy. These things give me great delight on a daily basis and attract many comments as I wear my latest hat design or scarf or flower brooch out and about.

Much of my inspiration comes from the countryside around me, which you can clearly see in the themes of the seashore and wild flowers. I love to include shells and stones which I collect on my almost daily walks on the beach, with bare feet as far into the winter as I am able to stand!

So I hope you enjoy this blog and if you’d like to purchase or commission anything, you can contact me or pop along to my Etsy shop.

If you’ve been to see me at one of the local craft fairs and would like to purchase something you saw there that isn’t listed on Etsy, please do send me a message. I just don’t have time or the inclination to do computer work to update the shop when I could be out walking or, rubbing, rolling, stretching, pummelling and otherwise creating felt items.



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